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This photograph of the Macon was taken in October of 1954 on the starboard side as the ship was entering Toulon, France harbor.  It was donated to the association by shipmate John Shanahan of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Our sincere thanks for John's most welcome addition to our Macon Memorabilia display.

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Picture of the Macon painted on the garage of Shipmate and Plankowner Charles Brovdy of Lehighton, Pennsylvania.

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On deck of the Macon, courtesy of Peter Mack.
Photos below taken and excerpts provided
courtesy of Theodore C. Parker Jr.
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USS Macon CA-132

Picture History
This picture was taken in Boston, Massachusetts, 1958. The ship had just come out of drydock and we had just finished painting the ship.
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USS Boston CAG-1 and USS Macon CA-132

Picture History
This picture was taken by Ted Parker about 0700 hours in Naples, Italy while on a launch heading out for a tour of "The Isle of Capri" (above).   "It was in November 1956, I saw the ancient city rising above the morning mist as a sailor might have viewed it a thousand years ago.  Yet there at a new sea terminal were the two most powerful, state of the art, guided missile cruisers in the world.  I thought it was a neat picture, it is one of the best pictures I have ever taken."
Photo courtesy of William Herbert, Air/Photo Division 1946

Welland Canal

The photos below of the USS Macon as it transited the Welland Canal in 1959, was sent in by Mr. Tom Cain of Ontario Canada.  The Photos were scanned and forwarded by Mr. Stew Brennand, also of Ontario.  We thank them both for their contribution to the Macon Photo Gallery.

The photos below courtesy of ETN3 Ernest Larner

We welcome and would like to feature any photos and/or stories you have about your experience on the Macon CA-132.   

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